I believe anybody can do anything if they learn their craft properly, and work hard enough for long enough.

'You are what you repeatedly do'

according to Aristotle! 


As I approach the end of my English Literature degree, I'm working towards starting a new career as a novelist myself. This is something I've wanted to do for a very long time. I feel honoured and privileged to have Louise Jensen, the amazingly talented number one best-selling psychological thriller writer, as my writing mentor under the Womentoring Scheme. Louise's expertise has already made a huge difference to my writing; and I'm immensely indebted to her.


I've recently completed the Open University's A363 Advanced Creative Writing module. This final year course, is incredibly challenging and builds on previous creative writing knowledge, as well as introducing new forms such as script writing.  You can imagine how utterly over the moon I was to receive a distinction (89%) for this module. But without a shadow of doubt, the best thing about completing this course was getting to know other writers. Now the course has finished we have set up our own writers' group so we can give each other writerly advice or a kick up the backside when needed.


My debut novel is a psychological thriller and has a working title of Follow You. The story is about three girls who knew each other 30 years ago. One night a case of mistaken identity changes not only all their lives but also that of the next generation. Written in first-person from multiple perspectives, past and present timelines gradually converge revealing a trail of lies and deceit. The story explores the contrasting themes of love and toxic friendship; and how far somebody might go to inflict revenge as well as protect those they love. I've been working on this for quite a while, but it's only recently the story has really started to come together. I'm really enjoying the writing process and am learning new things all the time.

Write    your    first    draft    with    your    heart.    Re-write    with    your    head.

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