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Callie lives in Bristol with her husband - a writer and engineer; and their youngest son – also a writer. They have four children, five grandchildren, a Labrador, a spaniel, and a sixteen-year-old dalmatian catfish.

After attaining a First-Class BA (Hons) in English Literature at The Open University, and devouring books as a book blogger for several years, Callie decided it was time to take her writing seriously. The Story Collector is a selection of some of the pieces of short fiction that she wrote as part of her degree, as well as her time as a student with The Writers’ Bureau. She will be writing a domestic thriller as part of her MA in Creative Writing at the University of Bristol.

Callie isn’t fussy what she drinks as long as it’s fizzy – no doubt a subconscious effect of nostalgia from when she used to save her school dinner money and spend it on cider. These days the fizz is more likely to be Moet or Bollinger, but her husband has been known to trick her by filling a champagne flute with Black Rat cider…

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