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Chains of Gold by Caroline Mitchell

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Genre: Women’s Contemporary Fiction

Publisher: Silverwood Books

Date of Publication: 31 January 2020

Date of Review: 3 March 2020


Chains of Gold tells the story of Leni, who suffers a tragic loss and devastating betrayal and must find her way to happiness again. Leni's story takes readers on an emotional journey, through her relationship struggles with her husband, to grief and new love. Does Leni have the resilience and strength of character to unite two fractured families?

My Review

From the outset, this third-person linear narrative draws the reader into Leni’s world, evoking empathy for the way she is treated by Will, her cheating husband. But for some reason Leni loves him, and all she wants is for them to be a happy family of four. They already have a little boy called Jake, and with the clock ticking away, Leni is desperate for another child, adding pressure to her already fragile marriage. But when a devastating turn of events come out of the blue, Leni's  world is turned upside down and not being able to get pregnant is the least of her problems.

But Leni is a feisty character and with Jake to consider, she has no choice but to pull herself back up and survive the traumatic event that she has been dealt. As one door closes another opens for Leni: not only happiness but also a whole new set of problems as she becomes the glue that bonds two fractured and diverse families.

The story is both heart-breaking and uplifting. There are several twists and turns and the story really picks up as it reaches the climax. Whilst contemporary, rather than historical fiction, the narrative voice reminded me of Molly Greeley; it also reminded me a little of Rowan Coleman. This is a great debut and I can’t wait to read the next book by this author.

About the Author

Caroline Mitchell was born in Persia and moved to the Gower Peninsula, South Wales at a young age. Dividing her time between Monmouthshire and Bristol she revels in both rural and city life. Chains of Gold is her debut novel.

Caroline loved being read to by her father as a small child and from the age of ten became a total bookworm, making up stories and putting on plays for the family. Her career in public relations included plenty of writing: press releases, advertisements and newsletters for a range of clients.

After getting married and moving to Wales she brought up three boys and two step-sons. Hitting her 50s she decided it was time to write the novel that was lurking in her sub-conscious. Whilst attending creative writing classes at Bristol's Folk House and the Lifelong Learning Department at the University of Bristol, Caroline completed her debut novel, Chains of Gold.

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