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My Last Lie

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

by Ella Drummond

Publisher:                     Hera Books

Date of Publication:  20th Feb 2019

Date of Review:          26th Feb 2019


New beginnings. Old secrets. Theo and Pilar. The perfect couple. Successful, beautiful and very much in love. Until a year ago - and the tragedy that nearly tore them apart. When their baby died, a part of them died with him. Now they’re trying to rebuild themselves, moving to a stunning house in rural Cornwall. But someone knows all their secrets – and will stop at nothing to disturb their fragile peace. Theo and Pilar are about to learn that you can try to hide – but you can never outrun your past.

My Review

You know when you read a story and months later you still remember everything about it. Well you won't want to miss this creepy domestic noir! 

I first read this story in October 2018 but it's just one of those stories that has stayed with me. I was drawn into Pilar's story right from the beginning, where after a night out, her life is torn apart when she’s involved in an accident that kills her unborn son. True to its genre, the story has a first-person narrative that lets the reader know the protagonist is harbouring a secret that riddles her with guilt.

There’s some serious juxtaposition going on here. One minute Pilar is living an idyllic life in her gorgeous new home in Cornwall, making new friends and building her dream career: the next she’s creeped out with a feeling of being watched. Her home, the place where she should feel the safest is the place that threatens her safety. Is her guilty past about to catch up with her?

Nobody is above suspicion: just how well does she know those who live in the village around her? And what about Theo? Pilar knows he’s been unfaithful in the past. Has he learned from his mistakes?  Can she trust him now? And just how reliable is this first-person narrator? Is it all in her mind? There’s definitely some weird and creepy stuff going in. I don’t want to give any spoilers but just for a little teaser, there’s a great twist at the end involving the relationship between two of the characters. But you’re just going to have to read this book for yourself to find out who. You won’t see this coming!

This was a great read which I devoured over two sittings. I recommend this book for anybody who likes Shalini Boland or Louise Jensen.

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