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No Sweat by Rosy Fenwicke #womensfiction #amreading #twisty

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Publisher: Wonderful World

Published: 18th February 2019

Genre: Women's Fiction

Date of Review: 21st April 2019


Never Back Down. She’s never backed down from a challenge but being a middle-aged woman with superpowers is more difficult than Euphemia Sage anticipated. Tracked by a pesky journalist, opportunities for developing her powers are scarce. Her family and friends are mystified, and she can’t explain. Book Two of the Euphemia Sage Chronicles follows the fast-paced twists and turns we have come to expect from our favourite post-menopausal super heroine to reach an action-packed and satisfying conclusion.

My Review

After thoroughly enjoying Hot Flush the first story in the Euphemia Sage chronicles, I couldn’t wait to catch up with Euphemia in this second book.

I would categorise this novel as Women’s Fiction because Euphemia is such a strong woman – in every sense of the word – and faces the situation she is in because she is a woman. The stage in life where women everywhere are at a disadvantage, often left in an exhausted and sweaty heap, imprisoned by their own bodies, is ‘switched’ around here. When Euphemia reached the menopause she inherited super-powers passed down through her maternal bloodline: the eldest daughter of the eldest daughter. This fantastical storyline combined with a cleverly twisted plot also has elements of a fast-paced psychological thriller, but Euphemia’s super-powers can turn these edge-of -the-seat scenes into something quite comedic. Think Marvel. Euphemia would make an amazing addition to the Marvel team!

With a scientist after her blood, and a journalist determined to out her super-powers, both Euphemia and her eldest daughter are at risk. I won’t say who the scientist is or how he is linked to Euphemia’s ex-receptionist who is now in prison, as that is all part of the storyline in Hot Flush, but this sense of threat gives this utterly unique storyline several spine-tingling moments that will have readers turning those pages faster than Euphemia when she’s out on one of her runs!

The plot is fast-paced and the narrative is well-written, which has resulted in yet another un-putdownable read by Rosy Fenwicke. Whilst the story is a stand-alone, the narrative does touch on the happenings of the first book in the series, so I would definitely recommend reading Hot Flush first. After reading Hot Flush myself, I was left feeling I really wanted to hear more about the adventures of Euphemia Sage. Has this book satisfied my curiosity? Yes, but I still want more! I just love Euphemia. She is such an utterly brilliant character and the storyline is completely unique. I can see a whole series of these books. I certainly hope there will be!

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