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Over The Wall by Claire O’Connor

Genre: Psychological Fiction

Publisher: Independently Published

Pub Date: 29th June 2023

Review Date: 24th September 2023


From the clutches of the cult she was born into, Keziah emerges seeking true freedom, but will she ever succeed? Surrounded by an extended family of playful children and nurturing women, Keziah never imagined life would change so drastically. By the age of 16, she is expected to live her life as an adult member of The Genus. By the age of 19, she is expected to marry cult leader Sy, prompting her to plot escape over the wall. When she reaches the outside world, however, what awaits her is not what she thought. Although modern life has challenges, Keziah tries her best to adjust.

Despite warnings, she tracks down Abe, a childhood friend and fellow escapee. Why did he go his own way on the side of the wall? No one wants to talk about it. She is determined to find out the truth. Keziah's journey unravels complexities, fuelling determination with each trial.

The initial instalment of the Over The Wall trilogy weaves escapism and liberation into a battle against The Genus.

My Review

Over The Wall is an addictive psychological thriller that is equally suitable for adults as well as fans in the upper age range of YA. The novel starts in medias res, where Keziah is trying to escape from the cult that she was born in to, immediately drawing the reader into the story and routing for the protagonist. But as good as the beginning of this novel is, as the story continues it gets even better!

Mostly from the focalised perspective of nineteen-year-old Keziah, this third-person narrative is so deeply internalised it almost feels like the narrative is in first person, highlighting the author’s skill in delivering an intriguing plot with characters that are so well drawn out I found it impossible to put this book down!

It is clear to see that Claire O’Connor is an author to look out for and I can’t wait for the second book in this series! I recommend this book for fans of Louise Jensen or Clare Douglas.

About the Author

Claire O’Connor is an Irish multi-genre fiction writer. After many years of living away, she recently set up home on the rugged Southwest coast of Ireland with her partner and adored dog. When she’s not writing she’s reading, taking photos on long nature walks, or tending to her veggie garden.

Since she was a little girl, she has been writing stories (including fairy-tale and cartoon fan fiction 🙂 ) and poetry. In 2019, Claire graduated with a BA Honours degree including Creative Writing. Since then, she has contributed short fiction to various anthologies. She enjoys writing short vignettes for fun but is currently working on her coming-of-age thriller trilogy Over The Wall which she hopes to release over the coming months.


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